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At ThedaCare, we are looking for talented, dedicated professionals to join our Child Learning Center team. Our Child Learning Center has been open since 1991. The center boasts a continuity of care in that children have primary caregivers assigned to the same group of children from infancy until they turn age 3. That teacher helps children transition to one of the multi-age preschool rooms for children ages 3 – 5.

We are dedicated to promoting a positive self-image in a happy and safe environment, striving to stimulate intellectual, physical, emotional and social
growth in the children we serve. We believe each child is unique and has a natural curiosity to learn.

The Child Care Teacher is responsible for planning and carrying out a daily program designed to nurture and meet the physical and developmental needs of a group of children. Effectively assesses and supervises the needs of individual children. Understands early childhood education and developmentally appropriate practices. Supports the educational philosophy of “learning through play”.

Job Description:

1. Develops and supports effective team interactions through open and honest communication, is receptive to feedback, and mentors and develops others.

2. Is flexible and adaptive to the rapidly changing needs of the children, parents, families, workflow, team, and ThedaCare.

3. Plans and organizes developmentally appropriate daily/weekly activities for the children. Creates weekly lesson plans.

4. Evaluates children based on developmental continuum for different stages of development. Utilizes current assessment tools and analyzes results to determine children’s needs.

5. Supports Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards with lesson planning and curriculum.

6. Supports Pyramid Model standards for evidence-based practices to improve social/emotional behaviors.

7. Collaborates with coworkers and leaders to achieve desired student outcomes.

8. Takes responsibility for own professional growth, development, and personal wellness. Actively participates in and supports a healthy work environment.

9. Adheres to State of Wisconsin requirements for continuing education.

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