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Current positions available:

Full time Days 60-80 flexible hours (per 2 week payperiod) between 6am-6pm Mon-Fri

Essential Functions of the job: 1. Must be able to read, write, speak and understand the English language. 2. Must be familiar with and follow policies and procedures set forth in Wisconsin Licensing DCF 251 and that of Good Shepherd Services and Good Shepherd Children’s Center. 3. Knows and understands child abuse and neglect laws and shall report any suspected abuse or neglect to the Director and/or social services. 4. Plans and implements weekly and monthly lesson plans. 5. Gives direction to the assistant teacher who may be working with you in your assigned classroom. 6. Supervises, knows the names, whereabouts and number of children assigned to your care at all times. 7. Intervenes when children are engaging in behaviors that could harm themselves or others. 8. Uses positive guidance techniques when a child displays inappropriate behavior or uses inappropriate language. 9. Assists children with personal cleanliness and self-help skills. 10. Assists children during meal and snack service. Ensures that all foods are age appropriate, to cut or mash foods to sizes to prevent choking hazards and monitor the temperature of food to prevent scalding. 11. Communicates effectively with parents/guardians in regards to their child’s day. 12. Greets families upon their arrival at the center.



Teachers shall meet or exceed the educational requirements set forth in DCF 251. A person who is hired as a teacher shall be qualified in one of the following ways:

The person shall be at least eighteen(18) years old and have satisfactorily completed one non-credit department approved course in early childhood education or completes that training within six (6) months after assuming the position.

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