Types of Care Available

 Family Child Care 

Family child care providers offer care for children in the provider's home. There are several types of regulation for family child care providers. All Certified Family Child Care Providers may be certified for up to 6 children, 3 under age 7, and 3 age 7 or older. Related children 7 or older do not count in maximum group size of 6.

Provisional Certified Providersare certified for a maximum period of 6 months. They have initial training but must complete pre-service training to be upgraded to Regular Certification.  

Regular Certified Providers are certified for a 2 year period and have completed the required pre-service training. They are required to obtain annual continuing education.   

In-Home Certified Providers must have completed the pre-servicing training and continuing education requirements. Additionally, they can only be certified for care in the home of the child, cannot provide care for any child NOT living in the residence, and must meet other qualifying factors.   

Licensed Family Child Care Providers may be licensed to provide care for up to 8 children under age 7 with a maximum group size of 8. Provider's related children under age 7 are counted in maximum group size of 8. They are required to have pre-servicing training and obtain annual continuing education. 


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Group Child Care Centers     

Licensed Group Child Care includes programs that serve 9 or more children. Each center must meet specific regulations including ratios of caregivers to children and group size. Staff must meet training requirements including annual continuing education. 

In Home or Nanny Care

Nanny care is a term generally used to designate child care provided in the child’s own home. Costs for in-home care will vary depending on the area where one lives and the worker’s training and experience. The family that employs an in-home care giver is also responsible for a variety of taxes, including Social Security (FICA), Unemployment tax, Income tax and Worker’s Compensation. In-home care is not subject to child care regulations, including mandatory criminal caregiver background checks, thus applicants should be carefully screened.

PLEASE NOTE: CCR&R does not provide referrals to nannies or in-home care providers.

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